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Course Descriptions for Eligible Courses

WMNA Minor Course Tracking Sheet

Minor Requirements

The Women's Studies minor requires 21 credit hours:

Choose one of the following courses:

  • HIST X290 Women in American History
  • PHIL V241 Philosophical Perspectives on Women
  • SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender
  • WMST A100 Women, Culture, and Society
3 crs.

Choose six of the following elective courses if not taken above. Courses must be selected from at least 3 departments:

  • CLHU U260 Pandora's Children
  • CMMN A453 American Women Journalists
  • CMMN A455 Media and Gender
  • CRJU C280 Domestic Violence
  • CRJU C410 Women and Crime
  • ENGL A385 Women Writers
  • ENGL A410 Writing Gender
  • ENGL A461 Contemporary Women’s Literature
  • ENGL A466 Southern Women Writers
  • ENGL U287 Martyrs, Minstrels, Mystics
  • ENGL V274 Women Writers
  • ENGL V275 Black Women Novelists
  • HIST A260 Modern European Women's History
  • HIST A352 Women in African History
  • HIST W240 Between Eve & Mary: Women in Medieval Europe
  • HIST W255 Medieval Sex and Gender
  • HIST X268 Gender and Nation
  • HIST X290 Women in American History
  • LAS V235 Women Writers of Spanish America
  • MUGN J204 Women in Music
  • MUGN U271 Medieval Music and Mysticism
  • PHIL U222 Philosophy and Feminism
  • PHIL U254 Postmodernism and Feminism
  • PHIL V241 Philosophical Perspectives on Women
  • PSYC A327 Studies in the Psychology of Women
  • RELS A417 Women, Religion, Culture
  • RELS U281 Women in Religions
  • RELS U343 Women in the Christian Tradition
  • SOCI A240 Sociology of the Family
  • SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender
  • SOCI A255 Sociology of Sexualities
  • SOCI A260 Women in Latin America
  • SOCI A305 Social and Political Inequality
  • SOCI A321 Body, Society, & Health
  • SOCI X416 Gender, Law and Social Control
  • VISA A285 Cinematic Representations of Cross-Gendered Performances
  • VISA V236 Women in Art
  • WMST A100 Women, Culture, & Society
  • WMST T121 Any WMST First-Year Seminar
18 crs.

Please check with the program director for additional course offerings and seminars that may be eligible for WMST program completion.