University Honors Program

The Loyola University Honors Program offers the opportunity for academically superior, highly motivated students to take challenging honors courses, to participate in special cultural and intellectual enrichment activities, and to engage in a Living-Learning Community for honors students. The University Honors Program is open to qualified students of all undergraduate colleges and majors.

Students with superior high school records or students with superior records (GPA 3.5 or higher) at Loyola or another institutions are invited to apply to the University Honors Program. Prospective and current Loyola students should complete and submit the relevant application for review by the Director of the University Honors Program and the University Honors Advisory Board. In addition to Honors coursework, students must also maintain the minimum grade point average of 3.3 and make normal progress toward graduation.

University Honors Program Faculty & Staff

Honors Admissions Requirements

Honors Curriculum

Honors Core Requirements - 10 Credit Hours

Honors Core Section Course Number & Name Credit Hours
Honors First Year Interdisciplinary Humanites Seminar H121 Name varies by course 3 crs.
Ignatian Colloquium HONS-H193 1 cr.
Social Justice Seminar H396 Name varies by course 3 crs.
Honors Ethics H215 Name varies by course 3 crs.

Honors Seminar Requirements - minimum 11 Credit Hours

Students will select from a variety of courses that satisfy a specific Honors Seminar requirement. All Honors Seminar eligible courses are indicated by the number H295. Each discipline of eight sections is to be fulfilled, but up to 6 credit hours may be fulfilled by core requirements.* 

Honors Seminar Section Credit Hours
Philosophy 3 crs.
Religious Studies 3 crs.
History 3 crs.
Creative Arts and Cultures 2-3 crs.
Social Science 3 crs.
English/Literature 3 crs.
Mathematics 0-3 crs. **
Natural Science 0-3 crs. **

Both the “Social Justice” and “Ethics” seminars may fulfill one of the Honors seminar requirements, in addition to fulfilling a core requirement.  Honors seminars are interdisciplinary, and a particular seminar may satisfy more than one requirement (for example, “Shakespeare and Music” can satisfy “creative arts and cultures” or “literature”)

** Requirements for Mathematics and Natural Science may be fulfilled by an A-level course in the major. Students who are required to take A-level Mathematics and/or Natural Science courses in their major are not required to take an additonal Honors Seminar. 

Honors Requirements in the Major - 6 Credit Hours

Honors Requirements in the Major Course Number & Name Credit Hours
Thesis HONS H491 or Department equivalent 3 crs.
Honors Level Coursework or Additional Thesis Appropriate HONS or Department course 3 crs.


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