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Minor Requirements

The Film Studies Minor requires 21 credit hours. Choose from the courses listed.  
  • ENGL A207 Reading Film
  • ENGL A220 Media & Mediation
  • ENGL A313 Feature Screenwriting I
  • ENGL A314 Feature Screenwriting II
  • ENGL A317 Writing the Short Script
  • ENGL A372 Studies in American Cinema*
  • ENGL A431 Revising American Texts
  • ENGL A470 Film and the Art of Literary Adaptation
  • ENGL A472 Studies in European Cinema*
  • ENGL G472 Ireland Abroad Program
  • ENGL V228 The World of Tim Burton
  • ENGL V244 Screen Power
  • MUGN M415 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • MUGN M425 Video Editing
  • MUGN M430 Video Writing/Directing
A maximum of any two (2) courses listed below may also be counted towards the Film Studies minor:
  • CMMN A260 Introduction to Layout and Design
  • CMMN A360 Advanced Layout and Design
  • RELS A370 Religion and Media
  • VISA A275 Graphic Design I
  • VISA A375 Graphic Design II
  • VISA A378 Typography I

ENGL courses taken in this minor may not be used in conjunction with an English major.

Please check with the program director for additional course offerings and seminars that may be eligible for FMST program completion.

* These courses may be taken multiple times when the subject matter changes, in consultation with the Film Studies advisor.