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Minor Requirements

The African and African-American Studies minor is composed of the following 21 hours:

Choose one of the following history courses:

  • HIST A276 African American History to 1865
  • HIST A277 African American History Since 1865
  • HIST A349 Africa to 1880
  • HIST A350 Africa 1880 to Present
  • HIST A352 Women in African History
  • HIST A440 African and Black Diaspora
  • HIST A442 History of Southern Africa
  • HIST W286 Discovering Africa
  • HIST X232 Africa & Its Diasporas
  • HIST X280 African-American Culture and History
3 crs.

Choose one of the following humanities courses:

  • CLHU U274 Egyptian Art & Archaeology
  • ENGL A250 Introduction to African American Literature
  • ENGL A251 African-American Literature since 1900
  • ENGL A373 The Black Writer in America
  • ENGL A450 Black Aesthetics
  • ENGL N216 WAL: Postcolonial & Ethnic American Literature
  • ENGL N230 WAL: Modern African American Literature 
  • ENGL V273 The African Novel
  • ENGL V275 Black Women Novelists
  • ENGL V277 Harlem Renaissance
  • ENGL V278 Black Thought and Art
  • MUGN V272 Jazz in American Culture
  • THEA V242 Black Theater to 1940
  • THEA V243 Black Theatre 1940 - Present
3 crs.

Choose one of the following social sciences courses:

  • SOCI A204 Introduction to Haitian Society and Culture
  • SOCI A352 Global Race/Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI X250 Encountering the Caribbean
  • SOCI X255 Race, Racism, and Privilege
  • SOCI X256 Race, Class, & Schools in New Orleans
  • SOCI X312 African Diaspora Communities and Cultures
3 crs.

Electives. Choose four courses from any of the courses listed. Please check with the program director for additional course offerings and seminars that may be eligible for AAST program completion.

12 crs.