Computer Science (COSC)

COSC A211 Introduction to Programming I  3 crs.

This course is an introduction to concepts and terminology in computer programming. Topics include interface builders and problem solving techniques in various programming environments. Emphasis is placed on the basics of software design and on elementary applications to Mathematics and other disciplines.

Prerequisite: Placement in MATH T122 or higher

COSC A212 Introduction to Programming II  3 crs.

This course is a continuation of COSC A211. Topics include object-oriented programming, software development, and data structures such as stacks, queues, trees, lists and the further exploration of the applications of programming to Mathematics and other disciplines.

Prerequisite: COSC A211

COSC A217 Object-Oriented Programming  3 crs.

This course offers an introduction to object-oriented software design techniques and to problem-solving methods. Particular focus is on the object-oriented paradigm. Procedural abstractions, data abstraction, and complex data structures are covered within the OO paradigm. Students also examine the major phases of software development and design.

Prerequisite: COSC A212

COSC A317 Data Structures  3 crs.

This course covers the basics of data structures, such as abstract data types, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Applications to a number of problems, both practical and theoretical, are studied,  including sorting, searching, and changing from recursion to iteration.

Prerequisite: COSC A217