Composition Requirements

Loyola University New Orleans must verify incoming student placement in college level English courses. Placement can be determined by SAT/ACT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) credit exam scores, or a university administered placement examination. In the absence of appropriate SAT/ACT scores or AP credit, the university placement examination will be administered during New Student Orientation, with those scores determining placement.

Students required to take the placement exam may not schedule a composition course without having taken the exam. Based on the results of the exam, students are placed in ENGL A100 (Expository Writing), ENGL A105 (English Composition—International Students), or ENGL T122 (or A205 for English majors). Students transferring to Loyola University from a community college must have successfully completed six hours of English composition in order to receive credit for ENGL T122.

Course Placement Schedule

ACT/SAT Writing Scores Required Placement
ACTW: 21 or above ENGL T122 or ENGL A205*
ACTW: 20 or below English Placement Exam
SATW: 501 or above ENGL T122 or ENGL A205*
SATW: 500 or below English Placement Exam
No ACT/SAT Writing Score English Placement Exam

Examination Credit:

Examination & Score Credit
AP: English Language & Composition: 4 or above 3 AP Credits for ENGL T122
AP: English Literature & Composition: 4 or above 3 AP credits for Writing About Literature (WAL)**
International Baccalaureate English A1 HL Score of 5 or above 3 credits for WAL**

Additional Advanced Placement credits (link)

* ENGL: 205 for English majors only

** Incoming students with WAL credit are still required to satisfy ENGL T122